Wi-Fi high speed cable connection
and our lobby "Biz Center"...

In the lobby of the motel we have our Customer Business Center.  This convenient computer and printer with Comcast Cable high speed internet available to our guests that don't bring their lap tops access to the world wide web and their web mail.  There is no charge.  Also, for both the motel and RV Park, we provide free Wi-Fi via our Comcast Cable access for all our guests.  Many guests use it.  The lobby "biz center" is used every day by our guests - it provides handy access to your email - both services are available at NO charge to our guests.

To use our Wi-Fi, your computer must have at minimum, a Wireless PC Card - such as a 32-bit CardBus MA521.  The one we tested successfully is an 802.11b * 2.4Gz  NETGEAR power link.  There are better PC Cards, obviously you will do better with the later and better versions.
If you don't have this equipment, remember, you can always use our free local calls phone system from all stalls or rooms.  First you must set your computer to dial up 9, then the local number, this enables you to connect to your provider.